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Welcome to English teachers and language educators,
At the beginning of August 2021, the English inspectorate site moved to its new home on the education portal. Here we offer materials and information needed for both novice and experienced English teachers. You will find this site accessible and user-friendly as we continue to adapt to hybrid teaching and innovations that benefit students as language users.

This pedagogical resource offers useful materials, such as the recorded lessons on various topics, unit plans and activities suitable for teaching at all levels and preparation for matriculation exams. Additionally, it will continue to offer updated information and learning materials for the various programs promoting the different language skills.

The coming years will continue to be marked by the integration of digital tools in English teaching and AI. Students and teachers are invited to adopt the teaching units and digital courses that nurture independent study through hybrid learning while setting them on the path to better achievements and excellence in their English studies.

At the same time, English teachers are invited to participate in professional development frameworks and learning communities (PLCs) at all levels to enhance the teaching of language skills.

As English teachers, we have a deep understanding of the magnitude of the task we have taken upon ourselves. We have the opportunity to offer our students the tools to go out into a world where English is needed for advancing in the occupational, educational, public and private arenas.

One final word: Without a doubt, we have been blessed with dedicated and professional English teachers and with a team of resourceful and committed district inspectors and counsellors. Together we will continue to instill a love of learning the English language among our students.

Together we will cultivate the linguistic knowledge and promote the skills and use of English as a central task in and out of the classroom.

Dr. Tziona Levi
Chief inspector, English Language Education

What's New?

December 31, 2023: Recommended Teaching Resources and Materials for Distance Teaching - Mikud for 7th-10th grades (posted December, 2023)

December 31, 2023: Recommended Teaching Resources and Materials for Distance Teaching - Mikud for 3th-6th grades | Accessible document (posted December, 2023)

November 1, 2023: Letter to Teachers - English Bagrut 2024 (posted November, 2023)

15 October 2023: Distance Learning in Times of Crisis
Dear teachers, we hope these free Ministry-approved online resources help a little during this very difficult time.

October 10, 2023: Dear Friends, colleagues and English language educators, In these very trying times, I draw strength from the partnership we have as professionals. I am writing to offer support, if possible. At the English Inspectorate, we are unequivocally committed to being present and available for teachers during this emotionally challenging period. Our unwavering dedication is directed to English teachers wherever you are. I want to extend a warm hug to each English teacher and pray with each of you and your families that you are safe. Contact info: English Inspectors National Counselors

Together, let's stand strong,

Dr. Tziona Levi

Dear English teachers,

In the midst of difficult times in Israeli society, we find ourselves facing immense pain, worry, and frustration. These emotions weigh heavily on my heart, and I'm sure many of you can relate to this sentiment. However, in times like these, it is essential to focus on our role as educators taking on personal and shared responsibilities. Amidst the challenges we face, we have a crucial task at hand - to maintain an environment that allows for open dialogue and understanding.

Our commitment to working for a better future where education in general and English studies in particular, are central, serves as an anchor to influence and inspire the next generation of thinkers and leaders. Each step we take contributes to a better tomorrow. Through our teaching, we can encourage critical thinking, empathy, and a global perspective. Our debate, MUN, Diplomacy and International Communication programs all foster the above. Let us continue in our dedication to education and creating a safe and nurturing space for our students.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to your students and the noble pursuit of English education.


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